Looking in the mirror now, I do not see the girl that I use to be. Not only do I have less hair (LOL), but something about me seems different. I can flip through pictures and remember that girl but no matter how long I stare in the mirror, I cannot figure out who I am looking at. Maybe it’s because I am still figuring this girl out. She is much stronger and happier than I was. She is much more cautious and kept than I was. She radiates so brightly. You can look into her eyes and see there is a story behind the gleam in them. She is not full of secrets like I was. She is an open book ready to let the world know who she was/is. Staring in the mirror, it is hard to accept that this girl is me. She is no longer saddened or burdened with grief. She is, well I am a survivor among other things. I am learning to love this girl in the mirror and she is learning to be

Happy Nappy


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