Men Loving Natural Women

ImageThe other day, my boyfriend told me that he loved the way that my hair looked now (Short Afro). We have been together since I was 16 (I’m turning 19 in August) so he has seen: weaves, perms, nappy, ugly, bangs, bobs, pixies and the unforgettable shaven back of my head. He use to love girls with long hair, but I guess that preference has changed since I no longer wear my hair long. What we wear, how we dress, what our hair looks like; is often dictated by people’s opinions of what is in style. We spend 2 hours getting ready and 5 hours shopping for what we are going to wear. As much as we like to say we do it for ourselves, it is partly for the acknowledgement or impressing someone. The first time I asked Michael about what he thought of my natural hair, he said “I thought you just weren’t doing your hair.” My oldest and youngest sisters are both natural, so he thought we ALL weren’t doing our hair. Like we were boycotting brushes and combs. For weeks after that, I kept asking him what hairstyles he liked and what he wanted to see done to me hair. It got to the point where he would just say, “I do not care what you look like, you always look beautiful to me.” So I was surprised to hear him make a comment on my hair after I gave up and decided I would love my natural journey even if he didn’t. We need more men that love natural girls and encourage it. There is nothing like having someone who believes that you do not need to alter, modify or perm your beauty. If more guys loved and spoke out about natural beauty, there would be more natural women. Although the sew-ins and wigs and permed hair looks cute for awhile, it all has to come off and in the end we should just be

Happy Nappy


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this post! I am natural hair girl too and it’s awesome to see a loving relationship ! Lucky girl 🙂


    1. ajamichel says:

      Thank you so much for reading and I am glad that you enjoyed my post.


  2. bookofmohs says:

    So sweet, he’s a keeper 🙂


    1. ajamichel says:

      Thank you, I agree. 🙂


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