Here Comes Change


This is the first picture I have taken of my hair progress/growth. I cut off a lot and it’s back to the original length it was when I cut out the perm and straight ends. Not only has my hair changed, but my personality and style also. I’ve gained a sense of…..modesty. I never really use to dress OUT THERE, but when I was 16; people thought I was 20. I love my curves, hips, silhouette and frame but I don’t have to have it all out. Sexy is confidence. Sexy is being comfortable in your own body. There is nothing wrong with showing skin, but a woman knows that she doesn’t have to bare all to get attention. So my new life rules are: Wear my confidence on my sleeve, Embrace and love every part of me, show a little skin and love being

Happy Nappy


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  1. just want to say that tomorrow you will look up to find your daughter,in the same position,time is of the essence ,enjoy every second of life to the fullest,and don’t hold on to regrets, because after it all , if your still breathing then you must have learned something


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