I am not my hai…

I am not my hair, I am not this skin. I am not your expectations, no….. I am a soul that lives within.

I have to be completely honest. When I first cut my hair, I felt ugly. I actually had long hair at some point in my life and then I decided to go short. It wasn’t until I went bald; or what people considered bald that I no longer felt pretty. There were days when I loved rocking my fro and then there were days where I would sit on the couch and look at old pictures and regret my decision to start all over. I felt exposed. Every flaw, dimple, freckle and imperfection was now out in the open. I couldn’t rely on my hair to cover anything up. Even though I looked the same, I still did not feel the same about myself. Recently many of my followers on Instagram have taking to complimenting my extremely short hair. I didn’t post a picture complaining about it or beg my followers for compliments, it just happened. As my followers talked to me through comments, I realized that nothing about me had changed but my hair. Every imperfection that I picked out was always there, no matter what length of hair I had. Having short hair makes me feel vulnerable, naked and unveiled. It also made my eyes look bigger, my freckles under my eyes stand out and my smile bigger and brighter. I could have caked on make-up and changed my style to distract myself from what I don’t like, but instead I am learning to love and embrace it. “I am not my hair, I am not this skin.” What I look like, will always change but it will not define who  am. Even though my hairstyle changed, my heart and spirit did not. Natural girls HAVE to have confidence, (especially after the big chop) because now they have nothing to hide under.  Cutting off our hair and choosing not to perm and sometimes straighten it leaves us open for judgments. We learn to be Naptrually Beautiful because we are no longer confined by society’s definition of beauty. Although I’ll never perm my hair again; there is still so much I can do with what I do/don’t have. But for right now, I am just trying to be

Happy Nappy


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  1. black women have become obsessed with long hair, not to mention coloring(blonde) which reflects the identity crisis that has been force fed to them thru the media. they have forgotten the true meaning of being afro-centric, of celebrating their blackness and in turn has become euro-centered not recognizing the very people they are trying to emulate are watching,fantasizing on how to steal their strength and beauty so yes be NAPTRULLY HAPPY


  2. bookofmohs says:

    I have enjoyed exploring your blog and have nominated you for a Shine On Blog Award! Check out the link for more info: http://bookofmohs.com/awards/


  3. bookofmohs says:

    Hello, sorry about the confusion, here’s the correct blog post that you link is displayed on for the Shine On Award, cheers! http://bookofmohs.com/2013/07/27/shine-on-award/


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