My FamilyThis post has ABSOLUELY nothing to do with my hair journey. I would first like to start off by saying that the reason I stayed away for two days was due to a bet. I do not like gambling, but I am competitive. I agreed to play a competitive game of Uno against my boyfriend; the winner after three rounds got too keep the loser’s laptop. (Which isn’t even fair because I have a touchscreen Dell and his is a Toshiba.) Well I won the first round and got cocky and lost the last two. He was generous and hosted one more round, which I lost also.

I did not give him my laptop, but I decided it was only fair to stay off of the next best thing; my blog. It has been a long two Twilight filled days and even he was wondering when my next post would be.

Just like my hair, my life is transitioning. I am leaving off to college and there is an unexpected new edition. I thought I was soooo ready to leave but now I do not know how I am going to survive. When I first decided to move-out, I had everything packed and it just so happened that m room would be the new baby’s rom. Well when others started to pack and move my things, it became real to me. I am leaving my family.

For years I was determined to move-out, I could not wait for the day. My family and life were so much more different than what it use to be. Long ago, I felt so alone and I even cried for the days that I would have a family and be surrounded by people that loved me. It took a long time, and people had to do a lot of growing; but I finally have that family.

I know that I can always come back and that I am not far away, but I feel like I just got my family and I already have to leave them. When I say family, I also include my boyfriend (he’s a part of the crew lol). I am so lucky to be surrounded by these people. In the midst of re-discovering myself, I am being re-acquainted with people that I have lived with my entire life.

I am looking forward to being on my own and enjoying my college experience, but I also am looking forward to coming home. I am looking forward to replacing all my bad memories with good ones. I am looking forward to meeting my nephew and seeing what a wonderful mother my sister makes. I am looking forward to watching my niece dance and learn. My brothers argue and fight. My mother’s screaming and craziness. My sisters willingness to go on adventures and lazy days with Michael.

I said this post wouldn’t be about my hair journey, but I guess the story was hidden. No matter what others believe, I have overcome and let go of all of my past pain. I hold no grudges against anyone that has ever hurt me in any way. I look forward to growing and getting to know these new people that I love dearly. This journey of mine was about embracing and acceptance and that is exactly what I am doing. Regardless of mine or their mistakes. I love my family and I am so grateful to have them. After all, they have inspired me to be

Happy Nappy.


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