The Head-Wrap

The Head-Wrap

I am learning to love my little afro, but I want something different. So I am trying head wraps, scarves and turbans. At first I was thinking, “I am not stylish enough for this, my style is not bohemian.” Then I tied one together and threw on some copper lipstick and I fell in love. I now need more scarves and a tiny bit of make-up.
Happy Nappy<3


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  1. you look beautiful, now here is the number to professional headwraptress if that’s a word your aunt wre wre many styles many flavors (248-818-1120) ALL SHE USE TO WEAR


    1. ajamichel says:

      Thank you and what does this person sell?


  2. Mike Simpson says:



  3. Mike Simpson says:

    u hve a rght to b upset, hvn’t bn the best but cud be worse,dnt wrry im gonna be held accountable for evthng i did and ddnt do in my life. i do grieve over my shortcomings, but as long as i’m alive theres room for improvement. dnt get caught up in me or lack of,your strong, beautiful, and successful. whats more important is that you complete your journey and learn from mine


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