CurlKit: My New Obsession

CurlKitLately I have been really lucky and winning a lot of contests. I have won a free photo book from Shutterfly that came with 50 free picture prints because I was a new member. I won an adorable gold and red chain bracelet from Shop21 (Up and coming boutique) and a few other small things.

My favorite win has to be my July Curlkit from @kinkycurlybeauties from Instagram. Curlkit is a monthly natural hair product subscription for only $20. They feature new products and samples. I wasted no time trying my products and I love everything that was included in it. My sister wants to go half every month so that we can order it. I think I might start a subscription. Since I am going off to college, I’ll need all the hair help that  can get (first I have to figure out my apartment address). And all of the things that I don’t like, I can give to my sisters and mother because we all have different hair types. It’s a plus that all of the products were organic also.

I am trying to get on a good hair care regimen. I always co-wash my hair and deep condition but I do need to start learning how to do other styles and finding out what works best for my hair. I also need to do protective styles (I am considering Havana Twists or Crotchet Braids for the start of school)  I believe that I am finally coming into my own. People have noticed my change in confidence,  am finally my own person. No longer shaped by the ideas and thoughts or belief of other people. I am just learning to love and be

Happy Nappy


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