The Castor Oil Challenge

So being the obsessed natural that I am, I joined multiple Facebook Groups about being natural. Well lately, everyone has been talking about this Castor Oil Challenge on there. I wasn’t interested at first until I started reading about it.

Starting September 1st until December 1st you have to use Castor Oil of any type in your hair and scalp (a minimum of) 3 times a week. The use of Castor oil is to grow long, thick healthy hair.

There are more rules and expectations to the challenge including weekly check-ins every week, answering questions and also posting pictures. I do not know if I can follow through with the check-ins and posts every week while I am at school, but I will try and keep up. I will also try posting updates right here on my blog so that my readers can see how everything is turning out. I am excited to do this. I do not want super long hair at all, I just want to get on a good hair care regimen. You can also continue with your regular hair schedule and products. I am also trying to convince my mother and sisters to join along with me. What’s the point of following one journey, when I can document four people’s journey all with different lifestyles and hair types. If you want more information, I will be posting the link below. I look forward to hearing and seeing you guys thoughts and results. 

Until Next Time,

Happy Nappy


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