Trying Something New

I love my hair but it’s in the awkward stage right now. So I decided to do something new for my new radio show. I was so nervous about going on air. So I figured if you look good, you’d feel good and do better. It’s amazing what a part and a few bobby pins…

Working on My First Hair Video

These are pictures after doing my first two stand twist out and my video. Currently editing it. I cannot wait for you guys to see it. Stay tuned. Until then Happy Nappy

Up Close and Personal

I just love this picture for some reason. Maybe it’s my curls or the expression on my face but something about it just captures me. Happy Nappy

Sorry For The Delay

As many of you might know, I have gone away college. This is has been a huge adjustment for me because I miss my family dearly. I haven’t been posting because I am coming out of my shell here. This isn’t the first college I’ve been too, but it is my first time being away…