Sorry For The Delay

As many of you might know, I have gone away college. This is has been a huge adjustment for me because I miss my family dearly. I haven’t been posting because I am coming out of my shell here.
This isn’t the first college I’ve been too, but it is my first time being away from home and as much as I would like to stay to myself;  I can’t.
I think the best part about this place, is the diversity. This school is so huge and there are so many different groups, ethnicities, cultures and everything else. Back at home there were probably only a few natural women, here there are tons. I’m inspired and in awwwe with how common it seems to be natural here. I even had a guy tell me that he liked my natural look. So with that being said, I can no longer ignore my blog. There is so much going on in my life and natural journey that I have to document it. One of my readers has been hounding me about a new post so I can’t ignore the request any longer.
This is a new part of my life and that means new hair, new experiences and a lot more.
I also want to be more interactive with you guys so email me questions or comments or ideas at Follow me on Twitter @ajamichel and check out may Instagram @_ajamichel don’t be shy, I love to talk.
I’m glad to be back and
Happy Nappy


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