Another Little Girl is told to tame her Hair or be Expelled

I love my hair and I wish someone would tell me that I need to change it or straighten it to do anything. My natural is BEYOND beautiful and so is her’s. I am glad that she didn’t change and isn’t willing to change.

UPDATE: Vanessa VanDyke Can Keep Her Natural Hair But… | HelloBeautiful.

vanessa vandyke

I am so tired of schools trying to regulate the hair of little black girls. The latest expulsion case is of Vanessa Vandyke who attends Faith Christian Academy in Orlando, Fl.

Apparently, in addition to a standard dress code policy, this school also has a policy on proper hair styling. The school administrator had this to say ““I am going to strongly encourage you to consider the school’s request and at least shape or have her hair cut. That I believe would resolve the issue.””

The issue of Vanessa’s hair came up when she reported to school officials that she had been experiencing bulling due to her hair. The school’s response was to in turn expel Vanessa rather than correct the students who were bullying her.

Again another school system fails to focus on what is truly important, that…

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  1. longlori says:

    I just left a comment on the original post. What are your thoughts?


    1. ajamichel says:

      I think that they didn’t really know how to address the situation. When we are ignorant to a situation we approach it the only way we know how and I think by the time the school realized they were wrong, the situation was too big. It’s a shame that kids are cruel but I’m glad the daughter and mother held their ground and that she instilled such good values in her and that she taught her that natural beauty and her beauty is okay and she didn’t have to change.


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