How to tie the Heidi Braid Headwrap


So for Christmas I got a bunch of headwraps in different patterns and fabric. (My current obsession) I ordered them from a site that sells hijabs because I know the quality and length would be good. This gray one is a jersey fabric. It’s really soft and long.
So to do this you need a long rectangle scarf. Put it around your head covering your forehead and tie a knot at the nape of your neck to secure it.
Take the left over long part of the scarf and twist to the bottom. Once done wrap around your head like a headband and tuck the ends. Do the same with the other long leftover part of the scarf on the otherside and wrap around head.
You can also make them cris cross in the front by wrapping the twisted parts in the opposite direction.
I will be doing a step by step picture tutorial, so stay tuned.
Happy Nappy
Btw: Finals are over!!!! You can look forward to seeing more posts by me.


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