Perm Rod Chart


So I have mentioned before that I do perm rod sets in my hair. I never mentioned what colors or what I do. Above is a picture of a perm rod wheel. Different colors result in different size curls or waves. I use white and gray through out my hair because I like how it looks. There is also more colors like orange but those are really big and for longer hair. This chart is a perfect guide when shopping or ordering. You will need about 25 or more depending on the length of your hair and also the look you’re going for.

This picture just shows how I install them and the length of my hair. I start with freshly washed hair and section parts with my hand (I hate parting). I apply a gel and then cream on the ends. I comb through the section of hair then brush to detangle. My hair is extremely curly so I try and make it as smooth as possible and I finger coil the ends. I then begin to wrap my hair around the rod as close to the root as possible. I secure the hair in place by closing the rod and section another piece. The smaller the sections the more rods you’ll use. To protect my edges I usually put them into Bantu knots instead of rods. The take down is the most important. Oil your hands through out the take down and unlatch the rod. Unroll your hair out but finish with fingers allowing the curl to wrap around it. Continue until all the perm rods are out. Separate the curls and twirl it in it’s natural set direction. Fluff out with a pick and style as desired.
Happy Nappy


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