The Savings Challenge

So, I have decided to do this savings challenge that has been circulating around the blogs and Facebook. I am a shopaholic thanks to my mother and I love to buy groceries and home goods and hair products and……okay; I just like to shop. What makes things worse is that I’m a college student and I can only work 20 hours here. (SIGH) So I have decided to do this challenge because I need to learn how not to give into my deep desires to have everything and also save for important things like; loans, a car, another apartment, and just in-case situations. The good thing is that I do coupon and catch deals so I’m not buying everything full price but it does add up. There are two challenges one is 52 weeks and the other is 26 weeks for those who get paid twice a week. I hope that I survive this challenge because I am already plotting on the money I have in my account right now. I’m going to include the two check lists for the challenge and I hope that you all will join along. Comment and tell me which one you plan on doing and also what you spend most of your money on. Don’t make this college shopaholic feel like she’s the only one.



Happy Nappy


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