New Year New Hair Ideas

So it’s a New Year and although I didn’t make a resolution (I’m too forgetful anyways), I am trying something new with my hair. My hair just keeps growing and it really amazes me. So now that I’m able to twist my hair I did a twist out with perm rods on my ends. My hair turned out great and I just kept doing bantu knots at night to make it last.

The next thing I tried was a pre poo and hot oil massage treatment. For a pre poo I just applied shampoo to my dry hair and made sure I got the scalp then I heated up olive oil and applied it to my scalp and massaged it in. I then took a shower and let it sent for three minutes before I washed. My hair loved it and it was softer than usual. There was a ton of shedding and only because I hate to detangle. (It hurts and I’m tender headed and it’s time consuming.) I also caused some of my hair to start hanging which I’m ready for. I have a lot of hair and I’m trying to train it to.hang even though I love my fro. I’m just ready to experience new things. I love being natural and this journey has taught me a lot about my hair and myself but I’m ready for the next step. I am not wanting any extreme length I’m just ready to try new things. It’s a new year and I’m being open to anything hair related and maybe in life also.

Happy Nappy


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  1. naturalrify says:

    My front hair chops. What do I do?


    1. ajamichel says:

      Chops like shed?


      1. naturalrify says:

        Yes it’s thinning out.


      2. ajamichel says:

        Have you tried pure castor oil or products with sulfur? It could also be from hairstyles being too tight in that region. Try to do little manipulation to those parts and give more attention to those sections when you are oiling it. An acv rinse helps with shedding if that is also playing a part in the thinning.


      3. naturalrify says:

        No I haven’t used castor oil products with sulfur. I use Acv to do pratically everything. Would try manipulating that part for a while. Thank you


      4. ajamichel says:

        No problem. Sulfur 8 is a good product, mix it with castor oil and apply it to the scalp.


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