Finger Coils

So I have estimated that I have been natural for seven months. I cut all my hair off in June or July. I started transitioning since December 2012 I believe but I still used heat. I hav seen a lot of growth in thse past months and so have my friends and colleagues. So since I’m at a good length,I’m trying new things. This time I did finger coils on my hair when it wasn’t stretched out. This style takes a little time but little products. I rinsed my hair and then started to section the bangs and the back (easier to manage first) I then sectioned like I was going to braid and applied conditioner (Suave Professsionals almond and shea butter) to that section. I then began to wind the piece with my finger and holding it at the root so it wouldn’t come undone. The picture below is how they looked and my hair before I tried them.

You seal the ends with oil and then let them dry. The take down is easy. You just separate them gently trying not to ruin the coil and then use your pick or hands to fluff out and cover up parts. Coat your hands in oil to prevent your hair from frizzing up. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of my results because I didn’t take one lol. But I will be trying this style again, probably after an acv rinse. Next time, there will be photos.
Happy Nappy


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