Her Natural Journey, His Opinion

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of natural women ask about their partners opinions about deciding to go natural. Many women have said that they have gotten bad feedback from old partners and also that black men don’t like natural women. I have only been with one guy since transitioning and going back natural so I decided to interview him. He’s been a huge supporter of everything I do and I want to see what he knows about my hair and also how he feels about my journey.

Me: What do you know about natural hair?
Michael: It’s a long process and overwhelming for some; it’s a hard decision.
Me: Do you know how long I’ve been natural?
Michael: A little over a year, when you thought I thought you weren’t doing your hair.
Me: Do you know what acv, pre-poo, cowash or twa mean?
Michael: Uhmmm, is that a bank?
Me: Has me being natural changed how you felt about me?
Michael:  Hmmm, that’s a good question. Not really but it has made you more confident about yourself.
Me: What do you hate about my natural hair?
Michael: I like it actually, I like it better than when you had weave in.
Me: Do you think other races appreciate natural hair, more than black men?
Michael: Yes, well; more than some black men. Me personally, it gives you a chance to see that woman’s real beauty.
Me: What hairstyle do you love to see on me?
Michael: Your fro
Me: Any advice or last comments?
Michael: Don’t be afraid to show the real you and don’t let anyone say you aren’t beautiful. One love *begins to sing*

As women we change how we dress and look and talk to impress a guy. We spend hours in the bathroom getting just right for dates. We watch out manners and never eat to much on dates. We pluck, scrape, add, dab, tighten and repeat just for a compliment. Never change, especially not your natural for any man or because of anyone’s opinion. The right guy will love you bald, braided, permed, straight, curly, nappy and everything in between. He might not grease your scalp and two stand twist your hair but he’ll always stand by your decision and always say your natural is beautiful.
Happy Nappy


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