Rethinking Your Boxes (old draft)

I have been dying to blog and meaning to exercise and wanting to escape, but school has kept me locked away again. So I’m writing this while I’m on my way to another class.
The great thing about being away at school is being surrounded by so much diversity. You meet people from different backgrounds and on different journeys in their life. I have also met so many natural girls or girls who want to be and we get to exchange ideas and opinions. I recently met someone who just began their natural journey and big chopped and she was uneasy about her hair so she went and got braids. I am not one of those naturals that hate weave. In fact, I love weave and that’s why I stopped wearing it. When I first cut off all of my hair, I was so insecure about it. I was worried about what people would say and think and I felt open. What bothered me was that now people are forced to look at my face because I had nothing on my head. I didn’t think I was ugly, I just never felt so exposed and vulnerable in my entire life. Now some people handle this by caking on makeup, which is okay but it doesn’t force you to deal with your insecurities. If I wanted people to accept the new me, I had to accept me also. The problem is that we still hold on to society’s idea of what is beautiful. Although we say we don’t agree and everyone is beautiful; we’re lying to ourselves. No one wants to be the outsider but who wants to admit that? It is time to rethink the boxes that society has put us in. We have evolved and changed into different creatures, this is a different time; we should no longer let medieval standards be our definition. It is time that we begin to define and find and rename ourselves. Once we begin to accept our beauty, we’ll be able to accept others as well.
So I say once again, let go of someone else’s definition of beauty and begin to define it yourself.
Happy Nappy


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