The Flat-bun Headwrap


I love my huge 3D bun head wrap but I am loving the flat version of it. The instructions are kind of the same except some small changes. I fold the rectangle scarf in half horizontally and it is still wide and long enough to cover my head. I wrap it around and bring the long sides together. Instead of braiding them together which gives it the bulky look; twist then and not two strand twist. Once you are twisted to the end, bring the piece to the top and wrap it around. Make sure it is wrapping flat and not protruding. You’re wrapping it around itself in a circle. You’ll be able to tuck the last piece in to secure it. If you like it as a top knot. Make a bun in the front of your hair near your forehead or the middle. Instead of wrapping the scarf around itself you will wrap it around the bun and secure it the same way. It’s a cute way to show a little hair, bangs or a few finger coils. Enjoy.

Happy Nappy


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