Finger Coils and Perm Rods prt. 2

So when I first started doing my hair, I had no idea what I wanted to do. For a long time I have been trying to get my curls to hang or fall instead of standing up straight in this afro. When I twist my hair it hangs and I do have some length. My bang is by my chin; so I think it’s long enough to hang right?!?!. So I did finger coils again and this time I added perm-rods so they could be weighed down. To make sure the roots were twisted and not puffy I sort of twisted them and then finger coiled the rest. I only used my spray bottle mix: water and olive oil, Eden curl defining creme and shea butter. I used more shea butter on my ends so they would be moisturized and would hold. I didn’t get the hang time I wanted because of shrinkage and the fact that I wrapped the perm-rods around the entire coil and not just on the ends.




But my hair did hang more than usual. To separate I unraveled and then I realized it was making it extremely frizzy so I just started to pull them apart. I also applied olive oil to my hands. Here is a texture shot of the back.


I stretched out the front and twisted it for a crown.


I have to mention how much I loooove this new camera that Michael gave me so I could take more pictures for the blog. It gives so much detail and clarity to the pictures. So my errors were making the twists too small. I actually did the middle big and they turned out as better curls. My natural curls are tiny if you can tell and doing twists small does not make a difference to them. The mixture I used was great my hair is still moisturized. There was no second day hair because my twists looked like dreads when I woke up this morning so I decided to try my hand at a puff and I achieved it. So this is my first time wearing a puff in my hair. She (my hair) has finally arrived.Image

I do love the results of my hair. I never try to achieve curls when I do hair styles, just texture. In other natural hair news; I am going to straighten my hair soon for the first time. I have just purchased all the necessary tools and I am ready to see how much my hair is grown. So stay tuned for that. Until then,

Happy Nappy




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