Bantu Knots (Upclose and Personal)

My finger coils did not last long in my hair but it did leave perfectly good stretched out hair. This is the best kind of hair to install a style with, so I decided to do bantu knots. Here are the products I used:


Eden Curl Defining Creme, Derm Organics Leave-in treatment, shea butter and water mixed with olive oil. I did not soak my hair, I just lightly misted it with the water mixture. I added the hair treatment oil and then the curl creme to help with the slip. I detangled with the comb and then with fingers and two-strand twisted it. Once I got to the ends I added the shea butter and curled it around my finger. I then wrapped the twist around itself and secured with a bobby pin.


I am terrible at parting but I separated my hair into medium-large size sections.




I like to let my hair set over the weekend because I only go to work and these are easy to hide under a headwrap. I will post the results of the take down. To keep my hair moisturized I oil my scalp and mist it with a water and oil mixture but more oil than water. I also wrap my hair with a silk scarf before I put a headwrap on. Results will be posted soon.

Happy Nappy


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