Spring Style

Spring is approaching; which means new colors, patterns, prints, clothes and head wraps. I recently purchased three new ones: rectangle beige bow in tan on silk (ebay), rectangle grey with orange and rectangle brown leopard spots on cotton (shopwraplife.com), and a brown multi-animal print on silk (ebay). With new wraps means new ways to style.


I tied my silk scarf with the bows into a bow headband. I folded it in half horizontally until I could no longer fold. I wrapped it around my head and tied it as a headband. I went back to pre-school and made a loop with one bunny ear and made it the size that I wanted. I wrapped the other end of the scarf around and the bunny ear and pulled. You can use the left over ends to change the size smaller or pull the ears to make it bigger. Once it was perfect, I twisted each end and tucked them in the back.


I took out hair by my ears, applied a light liquid gel and made finger-coils just to make it a little more girly.


 Here’s the next style using my head-wrap from The Wrap Life:


To achieve this style I took all of my hair and made it into a ponytail or bun as close to the front of my head as possible. I then wrapped a silk scarf to make it thicker and prevent the moisture from leaving my hair. I wrapped the scarf in half once horizontally and wrapped it around my head bringing the long pieces to the front. There will be a bump in the front from the bun and that’s needed. I twisted both long pieces together like I would if I was doing the bun but I wrapped the twisted piece around the bun/ bump in my fabric. I kept wrapping around the entire piece until I only had a tail left and tucked it under the twist in the back.




I’ve been playing around in makeup, well just lipstick and mascara and decided to add some color to my outfit to match the Spring we’re supposed to be getting outside.


Both of these styles are super easy and are a quick way to turn a simple outfit into something chic.

Happy Nappy


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