Call Me Untitled

I have always been and will continue to be my worst enemy. I am fighting a battle against myself that no one else around me seems to see. Me and she never seem to get along. I go right and she tells me that it’s wrong. I struggle to be she and she struggles with accepting me. See, she who is me feels and looks different than I. We’re an egg; but how can the shell have more purpose if there is no yolk inside. We have goals but they differ from one another. She hates me for everything that I pretend to be and I loathe her because everything I try to be is she. We see and know one another but can’t grasp the concept of how we are each other. We are not yin and yang we are not dark and light, just opposites who repel one another, beat down and cannot stand each other; so we can never make a whole. There’s no place for me and she and definitely not enough space for her and I. But she won’t let go of me and I can’t give in to her. So we’re stuck fighting a battle, that could never be won.

Happy Nappy



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  1. Cheeni says:

    Enjoyed it! Do read my new blog post and fill me in with your comments:


    1. ajamichel says:

      Thanks and I’ll be sure to check you out.


  2. Loved this. You have a new fan. ❤


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