Before I begin, I have to apologize for the distance in my blog. When I first started out, I poured my everything into a post and exposed all of myself. As I pile on school, work and other responsibilities; I noticed that it took a toll on my writing and it was just a blog and not my entire self like before. But now that the semester is ending, I’ll have more time to work on my writing and also my photography. Lately I have been buying a ton of head-wraps in all shapes, sizes and patterns. I have been trying to come up wit creative ways to wear my accessories and also trying out something new on my hair. This stuff just keeps growing so I keep changing it to adapt to my new growth.

I have FINALLY achieved bantu-knots without bobby pins.


I am so proud of myself and my hair. I live in Michigan and the weather is bipolar so, I usually do this to protect my ends from the cold and cover it up with a wrap. Once the weather has gotten hotter, I can unravel and wear them out. I basically used the same technique of wrapping stated in my previous posts but my hair is long enough to keep wrapping under itself which, secures it in place. This was done to my hair after wash day using an ACV and oil rinse.



One of my new wraps is longer than it is wide and comes in this cute retro polka dot. Inspired by my hair, I decided to do a retro look with my hair. After I unraveled the knots I sectioned the front of my hair as if I was going to create a bang. I folded my wrap horizontally until it was at its smallest and wrapped it around the back of my hair and brought the front part to the sectioned hair to separate it. I tied it and then began to twist each end separately and crossed them over my head.I tucked the ends into the back and had a cute headband and pinned my bangs back over the wrap.




(This photo is courtesy of Michael J. ❤ )

My hair is in headwraps more than it is out. So I decided to by some cute accessories to spice up some of my headwrap looks. I searched every where for cute delicate head chains and brooches and also loose jewelry that I could pin or wrap with my head wraps. I love peacocks, so when I stumbled upon this hair clip I was in love and had to have it in every color.


Securing it was difficult. You can make a whole in the fabric or you can wrap it around your head so that the fabric is stretched and clip it like a barrette. This was actually one of the ideas of my Instagram follower because I knew it was not going to fit in this thick hair of mine.




It’s such a simple and easy way to brighten up your wardrobe or headwrap and it can be cheap depending on where you are looking. I remember being so afraid to show my face once I went natural but now I love having my hair up, it makes me feel like a blank canvas. No matter what stage or year you’re natural is in; there are tons of things that you can do to change your style up. Be bold, be creative, be different.

Happy Nappy.


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