FDMO: Fashion Show

It’s finals week and one more week until my semester is officially over. I could waste my time stuck in my room studying my life away, or I could accept the things that I cannot change; and live out the rest of my first year college night. (I chose the second one) I am not saying that I gave up on classes, there is no way I could do that; but I did allow myself time outside of my apartment to have a little fun. After I got off work, I got dolled up; grabbed my friend and had a girl’s day. Our first stop was the Vagina Monologues put on by one of the campus sororities. Although that part was amazing, the highlight was the fashion show. I love fashion. I might not dress up all the time because I am a poor lazy college student, but I know how to dress and work what I have (tons of curves). There is so much talent at my school and I love to support friends and coworkers and also friends of friends. What excited me the most was how much diversity there was in the models and designers and there was also A LOT of natural hair. Well let me not bore you anymore with my words, and show you pictures of some of the amazing pieces.


This is one of my favorite pieces of the night. The designer lives in my apartment building and her inspiration was flowers. The bottom of the dress is see-through and the flowers seemed extremely life like.


Give Me Backless. I love anything that has a dropped back.




This next designer went bold with her Mediterranean and Italian inspiration.Image


This next designer took us on a tour through time with some of her retro-punk-revolution designs.





There was so much talent and amazing pieces on that runway and unfortunately I could not take pictures of all them. The main point of the show is bringing fashion into or back to Detroit. It’s such a big metropolitan and it has tons of potential to be one of the fashion capitals in the world. It was amazing seeing people I know work so hard for their passion and see everyone’s creations come to life. Congratulations to the designers, models and FDMO group. I look forward to attending next years show.

Happy Nappy



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