Wash Day

I love wash day. It is rejuvenating and relaxing and time consuming. The weekend is my wash day and also when I style my hair. I an in college so I don’t have the time to do it every night or even every other night. This week I washed my hair and did and acv/oil rinse. I start off with pre-pooing. Pre poo is shampooing your hair when it is dry. This helps me really get into the scalp and make sure it’s clean. The pictures of that are below.



Next I spray my hair with a part water, part apple cider vinegar (acv), part olive oil mix. I do not rinse out the shampoo, I just coat the hair with this mix. This helps clean my hair and it also makes it easy to detangle. My curls are tight together, so you can see the acv beginning to loosen up my curls.



After I finger detangle, I rinse the stuff out of my hair. This is my hair after the first two steps. It looks much longer.


I use conditioner and detangle parts that need a little more extra love and attention. I usually deep condition but since it is warming up here, I opted out of that. I rinsed my hair 75% and left a little conditioner in that so that I could style my hair. My hair looks so much more longer after this routine and I know shrinkage is going to kick in and it’ll be back to an afro; but it was nice seeing the length so far.




Products: I used Suave Salon Naturals for shampoo and conditioner. My hair loves it and it makes my scalp feel really clean.
Happy Nappy


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