ImPress(on) Manicure


I have recently become a part of the Influenster community and I love it. For those of you that don’t know what that Influenster is; I’ll explain. It’s a website that allows you to review products and items and based on your scores and badges and social media influence they select certain members to review a box. I got the college box and received lipstick, tea enhancer, a pilot pen, Playtex sports tampon (a little too personal for me) and theses ImPress press on manicure nails. First off I use to be against press on nails and also french tip. I thought they were tacky and ugly and I am just a gel manicure kind of girl. These things might have changed my mind. Not only do they not look plastic they came in multiple colors and designs in one bottle. So I got the chance to mix and match. I did not apply them to all the nails because it was too much designs so what I did was paint some and added the press on nails to the ones that I wanted designs on . They looked really great and hey probably lasted longer than my normal nail polish. They were also very easy to take off. I just flipped them off from the bottom. If I am ever having a lazy day, I might try these again some time or just use them to play dress up with my niece. Below is a picture of my manicure and I looked online and it only costs $6 at Walmart and 24 nails come in a bottle. Not bad at all. Until then.

Happy Nappy



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