Guide to shopping for Headwraps


I recently posted a few guides or a how-to’s on Ebay. I am trying to expand not only my blog but my writing skills and also my reviews. Below is a guide on how to use Ebay as a shopping tool for your head wraps. Although I am an avid online shopper, I am also a college student and saving money should be a priority of mine. I am being more cautious about where my money is going and also what I spend it on. I am falling in love with all the things offered on Ebay and also how good the quality is. I paid for all of the items out of pocket and they worked just as fine and sometimes better than the ones that I spent $20 or more on. I also got to choose from tons of fabrics, prints and lengths. Well let me stop talking and enjoy the guide and pictures.

Ebay Guide:

I am a fellow naturalista, which means that I have natural hair. I love wearing my curls and kinks out but with all these weather changes in Michigan; I have to keep my hair protected. Buying head wraps is not an easy task because you can use regular scarves or fabrics. Here are some steps and pointers to pick the right ones. 
1. Make sure the listing shows a picture or has the length of the scarf. I use really long scarves and I have a lot of hair, so short scarves that cannot be folded are no good. Also take not of the shape. I go for rectangle because I can fold it into a triangle or square if needed. 
2. Take note of the type of fabric. Although it might look like cotton or silk, make sure it is. There is nothing wrong with different fabrics, it just lets you know if you have to wear a silk scarf under it, to protect the moisture and oils in your hair. 
3. Pay attention to details. If it is listed as a shawl, you can still use it to wrap your hair. You can also use items listed as hijabs, scarves and also infinity scarves. I tend to stay away from material with fringes at the end because I don’t like to tuck all of those strings in, but they can still work if you don’t mind the extra work.  



(Ebay scarf turned bow)


(my favorite way to wrap)


(Same scarf turned flower headband)


(close up of the scarf print)


(the back)


(different fabric and leopard print)

Happy Shopping,

Happy Nappy


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