Bye Bye Summer

I say this with as much power as an exhausted college student has; I MISS SUMMER. Who told classes that it was okay to begin? Who told my professors that it was okay to dive right into lecture like we weren’t just on vacation not thinking about studying? Who am I kidding, my Summer was busy. If I wasn’t at the desk working every day (which I was), I was staring at my new ENGAGEMENT RING!!!! That’s what this post is really about; I have been gone for a few weeks because I got engaged and I was working full time. I have mentioned my boyfriend in a few posts and now he has been upgraded to my fiance. I also wore my hair straight for three weeks and the only time I used heat was when it first got done. But do not be afraid, my curls came back last night when I did my regular wash routine and I am glad to see my little ringlets and my hair is slowly starting to fall/hang;which is always exciting for any type 4 hair because it usually grows up and then out and down. Although I do miss my curls, I think it is time that I start protective styling. I have been natural for a year and a few and I have never don a protective style. It is now time that I give my hair a lot more attention and stop being so lazy. I am not doing this for length or a challenge, I just want to maintain my healthy hair and make sure I am doing everything in my power to keep she (my hair) happy. I know you are dying for pictures and you want details and that will all come in a later post.
Until then,
Happy Nappy



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