It’s Time For Changes

The one thing that being natural has taught me, is do what I want. When I first cut off all my hair, everyone had something to say. People who weren’t my friends asked why and some of my supposed to be friends gave input that I didn’t ask for. People called it carpet or offered to straighten or style it. People asked why and then made comments on my answer. I would be lying if I said it didn’t get to me, because at first it did. Then I remembered what my journey was all about. I didn’t go natural to get the world’s acceptance and approval. I went natural to find my own beauty and appreciate it. To be comfortable in my skin. Who cares what a bunch of girls with split ends thought about my hair; it wasn’t meant for them to understand. Actually none of my hair choices are. It’s hair and although I’ll never go back to creamy crack; I’m going to cut, chop, style, dye, straighten and do whatever I like to my hair. It doesn’t make me or change me and it certainly doesn’t define me. So my next hair adventure was to get a taper. I’ve been obsessing over it for a while and with a little encouragement from my wonderful fiance, I went to the shop. As I sat and talked to the barber about my hair journey, I got more and more confident about my decision. He talked about his choice to keep his daughter’s hair natural and how he liked the movement. It’s not about doing something different but doing what makes you happy. He said even in cosmetology school they beat you down about how you look. Instead of saying that makeup, weave, dye are just enhancements to your own beauty, they are taught that everything needs change. After he finished I felt so free because I no longer hold myself to the same standard of beauty as everyone else. I am beautiful no matter what I do or don’t do to myself and it isn’t up to the world to score my beauty. I radiate beauty from the inside out. I am the essence of beauty, not just black beauty but every letter and syllable of it. It’s Time we teach or sisters and daughters this same idea. That no matter what you do or change you are beautiful, so you might as well get proud and comfortable with the girl underneath it all.
Happy Nappy
Here’s the link to pictures of my hair cut.


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