One Step Closer

We have finally set a date. It was weird having people come up and ask when was the wedding when we had just got engaged but now I can finally have an answer. We set a date close only because it was what we have always wanted. Being engaged has really forced me to grow up just a little more. I had to take off the “please everyone lens” and put on my big girls underwear. For a long time I have doing things to make people happy instead of listening to what I wanted and what my heart was saying was right for me. Living my life for me, well us; is such a big necessity. That doesn’t mean I no longer consider others, I just stop questing 20 people to see what they think I should do. I have loved Michael since the first day we met and never believed him when he said I was going to be his wife, but here I am. I am here to announce that June 17th, 2015 is the date. June is the sixth month of the year and we got together on the sixth. Half of that is three which is March which is the month we met. We got engaged on the 11th and 11+6=17 and 1+5=6 also; so it was definitely meant to be. Well the numbers were definitely meant for us. I am so excited for the journey ahead of us and getting to grow even more as one. Below is one of my favorite pictures from the engagement taken by my wonderful friend Darryl. I’ll leave a link to his page below.


Until then,

Happy Nappy


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