Perfecting the Blowout

I have been neglecting you all. As always school, my new position and planning a wedding has kept me busy. I have also been struggling with the fact that I have no more room to post pictures unless I buy more space or delete pictures from previous posts (which I don’t want to do). But while I was gone, I had some amazing blow outs. I think I have mastered the art of doing the perfect blowout. A good round brush and heat protectant is key. I have done it on stretched out hair and freshly washed hair and I do not straighten afterwards because it’s not needed; plus I do not like bone-straight hair. I do clip my ends and give them extra care and love. To make my hair last I did perm rods and also flexi-rods at night. The best pre-treatment is a deep condition treatment before you plan to blow it out and try not to handle it as much. When I was done or it started reverting back, I did a deep condition and also apple cider vinegar mix for half an hour and my curls popped right back into place. I hope you enjoy the silly collage of me and my fiance with the blowout on it’s last leg and my recent blow out for a Haloween Party. Now that I have perfected the blow-out, I need to perfect my styling skills. I am using a new site in order to show pictures so I hope this works. The hairstyle held up for a week in a half for both times.


(UPDATE: After fifteen minutes of playing around with this site, I have figured out how to post the picture to the site as an html code and also control the size. I will now be posting a lot more since I can include more pictures without paying more. YAY!!!)
Happy Nappy


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