My Puff

My favorite go to style that I can always count on is the puff. It’s simple and easy to manage. It also keeps my hair stretched for later on when I want to style it later on. I create a high puff by pushing the back of the stretchy headband up while the front stays sitting on my forehead. You can wrap the headband twice around the hair to have it like a huge puff ball or you can braid the front first before you put it into a puff. It’s a great lazy day style and it takes no effort. Here are pictures of some of my best puffs.





My favorite puffs have tons of texture and are huge. The bigger the hair, the closer you are to Heaven right? Right after a failed wash and go or after I separate the curls from a set. It can even be turned into a dressy look. How do you puff? I’d love to see pictures or tips on how you perfect it.

Happy Nappy


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