Back to the (new) Basics

College has made me lazy. Lazy in the sense that my hair suffers but not my grades. I recently had to cut a few inches off because I was not taking care of it the way that I used to. I was not upset, because I am definitely scissor happy; but I was disappointed that I haven’t been giving myself enough time and attention to do my hair. Winter is approaching; well, I live in Michigan so it is already here. I made a promise to myself to get my life together and that means giving my hair the tlc that it has been needing. I have been also trying to figure out new styles to wear my hair. I feel as if I always do twist outs and bantu knots and style them the same way. So I took to pinterest in order to find styles that I could recreate and I did. I know your first trial with hairstyles usually do not turn out good but mine turned out AMAZING. I parted my hair into three sections and had my little sister do two under braids in the back on the first half of my hair. I then took the section in the front and started doing medium-sized braids and wrapping them in perm rods. I used a thick creamy product and shea butter. I did not use gel for the back or edges or my braids because it irritates my scalp. In order for it to lay down I tied it down twice. In the morning I took down the front braids and perm rods and fluffed it out. These pictures are before I styled and fluffed them out.
Braids and perm rods set .
Braids and perm rods set .
Braids and perm rods set .
Braids and perm rods set .
*The little person you see in the background is my nephew. Him and my sister spent the weekend with me. It was such a loud joy.*
Braids and perm rods set .
*The woman in the back is my sister. Check out her straight to the back braids.*
This style lasted for two days with me wrapping it up and using flexi rods in order to maintain the curls. I pinned the braids into the curls and pulled the curls to the front for more of a bang. Hopefully I can keep on this good hair day streak when I find my next hairspiration.

Until next time,
Happy Nappy.


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