I have moments when I want to revert back into my shell because the world is not the place I want to be at the moment. These moments occur when I pile up all my emotions and never say anything. I usually do this when I know that what I have to say is hurtful and can cause more damage than good. So instead of dumping my more than just a bad mood on people; I just keep quiet. I give up my voice because some people are not ready to hear the truth, but then again who am I to tell you your truth? Why should I be the disaster that comes in to destroy the make-believe world that you have built? So instead I sit back and hope that one day you’ll see the real you or that reality comes in the form of a storm and knocks over the bricks that you built-in order to protect your make-believe world. I do not wish for damage or harm, just light. Light reveals all truth. Everything that was in disguise and cloaked with darkness reveals its true form when the sun begins to shine. When things are lost or hidden, light shines and reveals its location. Light makes it hard to run away from the reflection you hide in the dark. You need light. I wish nothing but light for you. But I can only hold out a candle for you and hope that one day you’ll peak between the cracks of your wall and see your potential illuminating an entire world you never knew existed. So until then, I’ll keep silent not out of rebellion or fear but because light travels faster than sound.

Happy Nappy


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