This is my solitude. I am confined to this space and cannot seem to break the shackles. This is my prison. I have locked myself behind these walls for so long that I forgot that I own a key. Well, I owned a key. I once had the ability to let myself out, but I have become accustomed to my solitude so much so that I find excuses and reasons for why I cannot get out. This is my destiny. Well lack there of, see I have given up everything in order to protect myself behind these thick walls. Protection. I don’t even remember what I was running from or even if I was being chased. Maybe I have dreamt up this nightmare in order to ignore the things that have been staring me in my face. See this confinement is the safest place for me, out there is a world full of endless possibility and I want nothing to do with it. Yes I have talent and skill and knowledge way beyond my years but that’s my problem. In here I can be nothing, know nothing and there is no requirement to achieve at all. There is no fear of failure or rejection or being misunderstood because here in my prison there is only one rule; and that is be nothing. Nothing is something that I don’t want to achieve because aspiring to something means I have set my mind to be anything other than nothing. So I have claimed to be nothing and have assumed that the job is done because nothing in my head pushes or says other wise. I am nothing, not even these words which is why I will not sign my name or give you a title to dwell on. This is not my story or a documentary of who I am because nothing about me deserves to be remembered or recognized. There is nothing to honor or rescue or dwell upon. I write these words only to let you know that there is room here for you. I will not leave an address or a place for contact because if you have accepted their truths about who you are and what you cannot be; then you already dwell in your place of nothingness and soon we just won’t exist.


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