To Whom This May Concern…


Dear girl who forgot to love herself,

I see you hiding. Behind everything you think will make you more noticeable. I see you craving and begging for someone to love you the way you see in movies. The type of love that comes at a price and makes you risk everything you have and all that you are to please a man who won’t do anything for you. Dear lonely girl. Lonely is more than just an empty bed and a state of mind. Lonely is the idea that you cannot be happy unless someone is occupying your space, taking advantage of your heart and receiving all the perks not meant for them all for the satisfaction of letting others know that you are wanted. You equate love to someone physically being there instead of someone being there because someone at some point forgot to tell you that they loved you.  Someone at some point forgot to mention that they saw you. Someone at some point forgot to get to know you for you. So now you search for all the things you were missing in anyone willing to give you half of what you’re offering. You forgot to love yourself today. When you were up getting dressed and ready, you ostracized how you looked, defeated your own confidence and put on a disguise to cover up how much you don’t like you (but love the idea that they might find this sexy). You looked for your flaws every step of the way and got dressed for someone else’s pleasure burying who you really are (because I just want to be everything for/to him). Because today you forgot to love yourself. This isn’t just a one time thing, you always seem to forget you’re a queen but you always remember you’re a bad bitch diminishing your own existence (because that’s what they want you to be). You forgot to live for yourself because  trying to be something for somebody else is way to time-consuming (but oh so pleasing) and it leaves no time for you to find you. See you forgot to love yourself today so everyday until you do will be another lonely day for you. Dear beauty I hope this speaks volumes to you because until you can learn to love you and only you,  you’ll always keep searching for someone to fill that whole and void inside of you (which can only be filled by you.)

Happy Nappy


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