Don’t Call it a Comeback…..

Yes, I was gone for a long time but for my own sake just call it re-branding. I was recently doing some job interviews and one of the interviewers kept bringing up this blog page. She mentioned how intriguing it was and how she read a few of my posts. Then she asked what happened, and all I could say was life. The answer was so ironic to me because I blog about my life. Life didn’t get in my way, I just outgrew my topic. I started this blog to learn about my natural hair and all of the self-love that comes with that journey and I accomplished that. I mean, I am still growing and learning to love myself and my hair everyday; but I no longer needed this space for that. I didn’t lose my voice or my desire to write, my passion was still there; I just needed a needed a new focus. I have grown and life has changed so much for me and I needed a new journey to understand. And then I realized, this new chapter in my life was the new journey. Navigating motherhood, marriage, graduate school, blackness and so much more. I guess we can sum it up as adulthood; but it is so much more than that.  So, here’s to learning from these new journeys and adventures. Hopefully, they end up with me coming out with just a tiny bit of sanity and tons of more knowledge and understanding. Here’s to the process of re-discovering who I am all over again. 


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