Please Remove the Target from my Back

I have always been aware of my skin color. I have always known that I was black. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered what being black meant to me. This self-discovery also led me to stumble upon what society thought of my blackness. It seemed that the more that I learned about myself, the more that I stepped into my truth and light; the harder society pushed back. One week I would be proud of my blackness, in awe of its resilience and then next week, I would be scrambling to find the zipper so that I could step out of this skin. Society saw that we were not bending when they pushed, so they upped the tension hoping that we would break. Society went from policing where we could go, what we could look like and who we could be; to executing us on camera and then sharing the video on a loop and labeling it self-defense so that we wouldn’t forget how much power they had. So that we wouldn’t forget about the target on our backs.


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