Check Yourself….

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of comments like: “I don’t know why black people hate white people, we should all love one another. That’s how you end racism.” Or, “Black people being racist towards white people only continues to spread hatred.” Or, “If black people want racism to end, they need to stop separating themselves.” Or, “I don’t see color just human beings and their actions determine if I respect them or not.” And other idiotic comments along those lines. There are tons of errors in this logic, and although I would love to address them all; my daughter is an alarm clock and never misses a second so my time is limited.

Black people CANNOT solve/end/dissolve/eliminate/(insert whatever word you want to use that puts all of the load on us) racism. How can our group change the minds of others? How can a group present themselves in such a way that another group decides to stop hating them. How can we plead our case so that we can stop being dehumanized? How can we make people see us, listen to us, and protect us? WE CAN’T. We have tried. You told us if we straightened our hair, spoke proper, dressed right, take on your religion, sat up straight, raise your children, break our backs, comply, not to resist, comply, not to resist, COMPLY, AND NOT TO RESIST; that we’d have our lives. That we’d be apart of your system. That we’d be safe. That it would end and guess who didn’t hold up their end of the bargain…..? (I’ll wait)

See, it’s not that black people hate white people. We don’t. I mean we still even find ways to relate, to accept, to include, to give you a pass. We are far from hatred. We hate racist and racism. We hate white privilege. We hate the past and the fact that you all still take no blame or strides to correct those wrong doings that are still current. We are afraid. We are fearful. We are tired of y’all. We are fed up. But hatred, we’re far from it. (But after everything, wouldn’t a strong dislike be understandable…?) We are done looking over to your side of the fence hoping that you’ll finally do something to help us. That’s what you are feeling. You feel us taking our lives into our own hands. You feel us no longer awaiting your participation in our fight. You feel the burden of disappointing us over and over and over again.

You have to give up something. You have to do something. You have to be willing to tear yourself away from the system that benefits you, while breaking and burdening the backs of others. We have realized the chances of you doing this and…. (well look around, have you done it?) Instead, we have decided to be about us. Celebrate and live for us. Show up, support and be for us. We didn’t forget to invite you, we just didn’t bother to watch the door in order to see if you would show. We decided that we no longer needed you to validate our existence. We decided to be great and not care if you noticed. We stopped waiting maybe even stopped caring. We stopped making it convenient for you. And for those that showed up, we stopped accepting mediocrity.

So what can you do….? I’m not going to answer that. I’m not going to give you the tools and instructions only for you to still look for me to guide you through it. I’m not going to give you the tools and instructions so that you don’t put them to use. I’m not gong to give you the tools and instructions so that you can re-lable them and then claim that you alone did all the work in order to fight against the system. This ain’t that. I will leave you with this, love ain’t the cure-all. Don’t sit on the sidelines and try to police our methods. You are part of the problem. Some of y’all are the problem. It ain’t my job to educate, hold your hand, and walk you through it all. Don’t try to give me half ass solutions to my problems especially when you haven’t checked yourself to see how you fit into it all. And, if you’re threatened by black pride and black lives; it presents itself in many forms; and the politics of policing our words and actions is one of them. And if you’re feeling attacked by this post, self reflect and DON’T leave a comment.


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