Some of Ya’ll Just Want to be Blind

What amazes me so much about people saying that police brutality isn’t real and that our (read your cause they only protect and serve a select few) police officers are only doing their jobs, is that they act as if cops have been upstanding individuals since the beginning of time. Like just a few years ago states weren’t just getting rid of entire precincts because of dirty cops. Like the Feds weren’t just investigating a few Detroit Police officers for working with drug dealers and stealing drugs and money during raids. They forget the images of cops spraying down black people with hoses for protesting. They erase the images of cops using their dogs to terrorize people who were just fighting for human rights. They ignore recent stories about a girl saying that when she was younger officers were having sex (read rape cause she was a child then) with her. Like women didn’t just come out and share their similar stories about an officer forcing them to have sex and do other sexual acts and if they didn’t he threatened to put them in jail or take their kids away. It’s amazing how much people have put other people on a pedestal simply because they have a badge. Like the badge erases all of their human instinct and makes them instantly perfect. The system isn’t perfect and just because a few officers “got caught being good”; doesn’t erase all the pain and damage and trauma they have caused. There’s a reason the government is supposed to be for the people. There’s a reason that checks and balances were put into place. Not because the system was perfect, but because there will be times it will fail and right now it has failed us and if you can’t see that; then you honestly like being blind.



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