Dear Skylar,

They are going to try to tell you that this world is not yours; don’t believe them. They will try and judge you for the color of your skin, the way you wear your hair and the way you carry yourself; don’t let that get to you. They’re going to be mad when you fight to protect yourself and your people. Silent when you ask for their help and blind when it happens right before their eyes; don’t let that change you. Don’t let that end your fight. You don’t belong to anyone. Your purpose on this planet is not to please and serve anyone. Your role is not behind a man. Your sexuality is yours to claim. You are not beautiful for a brown-skinned girl, you’re beautiful because of your brown skin. Girl, let me tell you that this world is not easy. They could not keep you chained down, so they’ll try and bend you until you break. They couldn’t keep you silent and complacent, so they’ll try to keep you afraid. They hold onto the past, but you my dear are their future. You have the power to create change. You have the power to stand firm in your light and truth and dare them to move you. Yes, it will be stressful and at times you won’t believe that it’s working but remember that instant ain’t always better. That patience is a bitch (I mean virtue) but you want lasting measures not temporary relief.

This load might seem heavy. It might seem easier to accept defeat, but we cannot go back. We cannot be silent. We cannot take what we are being given. This load is not yours to carry alone. This load is light compared to its alternative. This load is hope and damn right it’s heavy, great change always is. But self-love and self-preservation are necessary for this work to be done so please know when to step back. Listen to your bones and your soul and your heart and you’ll never be misguided in judgement.

Dear sassy, loud, adventurous, loving, delightful, amazing, beautiful Skylar,

This world is yours and I’ll say this until you believe it. I’ll say this until you’re tired of hearing it and then I’ll say it some more. (When you’re older, you’ll understand my reassurance of this) You are everything that I am and more. You are destined for greatness. You belong. You belong. You belong. You belong. (Because sometimes it’s hard to believe this.) And never forget that you are loved.


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  1. So very proud of the woman that you and the mother that Skylar has made you. Continue to move forward and be all things to her that for whatever reason I was unable to be to you. Keep pushing forward and loving unconditionally.

    Love you forever and always.


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